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I’ve spent my entire professional career pursuing visual design and management sensibilities to fit any space a story can be told – all within the spirit of communicating and telling rich narratives. That journey has taken me from photography to publication, to film and TV to advertising.


Most recently, I’ve spent my past 19 years at a global marketing agency Saatchi & Saatchi, alongside great teams proudly shepherding Toyota Motors North America. 


As a multidisciplinary creative who has spent years studying our craft, I feel most comfortable as a manager who is not afraid to work on the front lines and apply all the tools I have in my inventory to design powerful and effective pieces of communication. 


I am a big fan of the Agile workflow and I am process-driven with a desire to build solid infrastructure so that energy can be spent where it matters most – developing great creative work while building solid relationships with our clients and audiences.


Collaborative by heart, firefighter by nature, nothing gives me more satisfaction than finding a home in a really great team where I can help find solutions for the roadblocks that we often encounter. 


Outside of the workplace environment, I am an avid oceanic sailor and when conditions are right, you can find me crewing the foredeck of a racing sailboat or leisurely following the wind and tides. I love cooking, traveling off-grid, and when there’s time, I try to wrench on old 2-wheel small-frame classics like vintage Vespa restorations. 

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